🇬🇧VE Day preparations

Hello Rabbit class, we hope you are all well and being good for your Mommies and Daddies. It has been great to hear your news and see your photos of you having fun in your gardens, playing with bubbles and reading your stories.
We are all missing you very much and cannot wait until we are all back together again. If we were currently at school, we would have been busy getting ready for our VE day celebrations. It is such a shame this will not happen, but we would still like to try and get us all to celebrate if possible.

It would be really nice if we could still celebrate, by having a picnic at the same time in our gardens or indoors if you prefer. It would be great if the children could have a go at preparing some of their own snacks or sandwiches too.

I have added some craft ideas below if you want to have a go at making some decorations!

Please join us in celebrating 75 years since VE day by having a picnic in your garden. Don’t forget to take some photos!
Twinkl have some great colouring sheets that we will try and send home for you to decorate.
Bev our music teacher misses you too and wants to send her best wishes to you all, she has been busy practising her drums and has even put her Rabbit toy in her window for her neighbours to spot on their daily walks. She is also going to help find some nice music for us to listen to for our VE day picnics. Thank you Bev!
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