🌈☀️🏡VE Day picnic at home

Thank you to all the families that have taken part with our VE Day picnic at home and well done for your beautiful work you did to decorate your gardens, it looks like you’ve been very busy!

R had a picnic in his garden with his dinosaurs. Look at all that yummy food!
Deacon did some lovely colouring with his sister. I have a feeling he ate his picnic on his trampoline!
Amanda and John had a BBQ and scones for their picnic. They look very patriotic! 🇬🇧
In Sarah’s road, we had a stay at home street party. We had our picnic on our neighbours drive so we could talk to her through the window as she is too poorly to go outside. We made some scones and put bunting up outside everybody’s houses to make the street look pretty.

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