Windy day activities🌬🪁

Hello Rabbit class,
I hope you are all happy and had a lovely weekend. It is very windy today and I have added some ideas to keep you busy if you want to get outside and have some fun. How about making a milk carton or paper cup wind sock, blowing bubbles in your garden, making paper planes or flying a kite?

The weather is very different from last week- just look at the fun Imogen was having at home with her sisters ☀️.
I hope you all had fun too and it wasn’t too hot for you.
Please keep us posted with your news, we love to hear what you have been getting up to.

Happy Father’s Day 😁

Hello Rabbits, we are glad to hear you are all well.
This weekend, on Sunday, there is a special day to say thank you to your Daddies or carers for all the hard work they do and for keeping you safe. I have added some craft ideas below if your brothers or sisters or Mummies are able to help you design a card or craft to wish them a happy Father’s Day. You will hopefully have some colourful card in your packs that we sent home.
We hope you have a fantastic weekend, hopefully the rain will clear so that you can get back out in your gardens and have some more fun.

Keep smiling, keep shining! ⭐️☀️🌈

Hi Rabbit class,
It has been good to hear you are all managing to keep yourselves busy and being good for your Mommies and Daddies.
Billy has been listening to a lovely song that he would like to share with you all and cheer us up during these uncertain times. I hope you like it as much as I did!