Happy Rabbits!

This week in Rabbits we have been focusing lots on social skills and play. The children have been encouraged to do independent choosing and have enjoyed completing intensive interaction sessions.
We have also continued with life skills and we are pleased to see all children in our class brushing their teeth nicely this week, well done!
We finally got round to finishing off our ladybird and bumblebee stones for our class garden, they look beautiful!
Here are a few photos of what we have been up to.

Sports day and Fun Day!

What a busy week we have had in Rabbit class. We have been super proud of how the children joined in with their sports day, especially the barefoot walk. They also had lots of fun with our fun day on Friday. We were lucky to have a bouncy castle, a visit from a super car, the ice cream van and sand and water play outside. As you can see, we all had lots of fun!

Football fever! ⚽️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

This week we have enjoyed lots of music as we were lucky to have two sessions. We cheered for England whilst we played our instruments.
We have also been listening to a new story ‘what the ladybird heard’. The children have enjoyed exploring the sensory tray and made some ladybird prints using potatoes dipped in paint.

throughout the rest of the week, we have been learning through lots of play. The children did some great anticipation when we got messy with the shaving foam. We also enjoyed the sunshine and had a picnic outside on the grass.
In cooking this week, we made butterfly crackers and everyone worked very hard. They looked very yummy!

Happy Father’s Day!

This week in rabbits, we have been busy making cards for special Dads, we hope you like them.
We have certainly made the most of the lovely weather and enjoyed getting active outside. The children have enjoyed spending time on the bikes, swings, slide and even carried on their exercise indoors on the trampoline!
We carried on our bee theme and prepared some tasty bee bananas in cooking, yummy!

Here are just a few of the lovely cards made for Father’s Day, we hope you have a great day celebrating!

Bees 🐝 like flowers 💐 🌺 🌸

This week, we have been reading a new story about bees. We have listened to a buzzing sound, tasted some honey, and we even found a real bee in our classroom to have a look at! The story teaches us that bees collect pollen from flowers, so the children have been planting seeds to grow flowers for the bees. During our sensory mark making session we have made some bee prints using footprints.
We have enjoyed trying out a new tac pac session. It was very relaxing, and Poppy and Aminah enjoyed sharing a cuddle.
In cooking we made stripy bee toast and Blake helped by using the dust pan and brush to tidy up. We have enjoyed spending time outside in the sunshine and having fun with our friends. Good work everyone!

All the children liked painting their feet yellow and then turning them into bees 🐝. We used cutting blocks to cut the stripes and glue sticks to stick on the eyes.

The Ugly Bug 🐛Ball

This week we have continued our story about the Minibeast bop. We have done some great (but very messy)exploring with pretend snail slime and made snail cinnamon buns. We even made salt dough bugs using a range of dried pasta to decorate.
We had lots of fun at our end of term party day, the ugly bug ball. Well done to everyone for remembering to dress up and thank you for the food donations for children’s party snacks. As you can see they all looked fantastic and had a brilliant day, made even nicer by a rain free afternoon and a picnic outside for afternoon snack!

Twist and hop, minibeast bop

This week we have been reading a new story ‘Twist and hop, Minibeast bop’. We have had great fun exploring different mini beasts and pretend snail slime, we have been on a bug hunt and have been using our hands to press insect stampers into play dough. We have started designing costumes for our Ugly Bug Ball next Thursday and in cooking we made ladybird strawberry biscuits, yummy! We used kitchen equipment to create our insect paintings during a mark making activity and during a funky fingers session we hid insects in messy play to be revealed.
We hope you all have a lovely weekend. Hopefully it will stop raining and you can get out and enjoy some sunshine ☀️

More Spiders- Aaaarrrghhh!!!

This week we have continued our story about spiders. The children have been busy getting their fingers messy with glue and cotton wool to make their craft spider webs. They also gave their taste buds a treat when they made their chocolatey spider cupcakes. We even made spider prints using cardboard tubes dipped in paint.

We thoroughly enjoyed a music session with Bev- in real life!! We have been busy completing our music video for Summer fest 21.
In PE this children did good sharing with the equipment and waited patiently for their turn on the swings.
We loved experiencing a spring themed tac pac, and this was followed by a bubble disco and soft play and physio. What a fun end to our week!

Aaaargh Spider!!!!! 🕷 🕸😱

This week, we have been reading a new story called Aaargh Spider! The children have taken turns to use the sound button to help with the retelling of the story, as well as catching the spider as he shoots out of the drain pipe. They are all lucky they didn’t get eaten like the flies as they all loved getting tangled in the web!
We made some spider crafts; an art straw web using cutting blocks to snip the straws and used fine motor skills to thread a web using a paper plate. In cooking we made spider sandwiches. We all had lots of fun doing the incy wincy spider dough disco session to strengthen our hand muscles and some of our friends relaxed with an incy wincy massage.

Rabbits 🐰- learning while we play

We have been very busy in Rabbit class again this week. We have continued our story of ‘Peep inside the garden’; completing our class craft garden, made milk carton bird feeders, snail sandwiches and also used our super painting skills to decorate stones as ladybirds 🐞 or bumble bees 🐝. We ended our week with soft play and physio in the sensory room and a bubble disco. Lots of smiles all round!