Let’s celebrate 🎉

Last week in Rabbits we celebrated Diwali 🪔 and Zahra’s birthday 🥳
As a group we read a sensory story called ‘The Party’. The children joined in with dancing and crafts.
Zahra was very generous, sharing some sweets with her friends and we all liked singing happy birthday and tasting some chocolate cake 😋

Busy Rabbits

There were some special days this week in Rabbit class for us to learn about. Firstly, we learned about the colour red for Poppies and through Bev’s music lesson we completed some marching activities, we also made a class remembrance wreath using our handprints and red tissue paper.
We also celebrated a friend’s birthday. We enjoyed sharing cake and singing happy birthday. There are going to be lots of birthdays in rabbit class this month!
We also started some Diwali celebrations. The children enjoyed listening to Indian music and exploring some Rangoli rice patterns.
On Friday some of us enjoyed dressing up for Children in Need, we liked joining in with the school virtual danceathon and making pudsey themed cup cakes 😋

Poppy was working at home on Friday but still got into the children in need theme!

The Boo Crew 🎃👻

We had a busy week catching up with some Autumn celebrations. We liked making our classroom spooky for Halloween and dressing up in costumes or home clothes. The children used messy play to make some fizzy magic potions, explored the pumpkin faces as well as creating some sensory trick or treat crafts using their feet and some smelly spices! We also used paint to reveal the hidden spider web.
For bonfire night, the children listened to firework sounds, watched sparklers in the playground, then made their own using streamers, and in cooking we made bread stick sparklers dipped in chocolate. We played a fun game outside being fireworks and rushing around the playground – lots of smiles all round! We all worked together to make a craft bonfire for our display board by shredding paper, gluing and sticking the bonfire colours together.

Autumn 🍂 🍁🌾has arrived!

So Rabbits 🐇 are working at home again🏡. I hope you are all well and finding lots of things to do. The grown ups are sad not to be at school as we had lots of fun things planned for this week with you all.
We were doing some harvest activities and were looking forward to pumpkin 🎃 carving, making pumpkin pie 🥧 and dressing our classroom up for Halloween, as well as making some fun arts and crafts. Even though it will be a little bit late, we will still do this when we get back to school 😃

There are lots of fun things you can do at home this time of year, I’m sure if you have a garden to play in, you will find lots of leaves on the ground to explore. Perhaps you could decorate them and make a picture like the hedgehog one we sent home?

Here are some craft ideas we found that you might like.

Bev has also done us a new music lesson so that we don’t miss out on our usual fun. Please click on the link below. Thank you Bev!

Rabbits are back – Hooray!

We were so pleased that everyone stayed healthy during our self-isolation and glad to see our class back on Thursday to get back to work. We enjoyed listening to songs about the teddy bears picnic and using the role play equipment to have a class picnic. On Friday we worked hard doing physio exercises in the morning and then made jam tarts in the afternoon for cooking.

Thank you to Poppy for sending in the lovely photos of you doing your activities at home. Your teddies are very lucky to have such a yummy picnic!

What is ‘Rabbit’ cuddling?

Yes – a teddy bear!

Would you like to follow the paw prints to see what fun the bear gets up to?

… they were all having a picnic in the woods

It was a big surprise to see them – maybe you could have a game of peek-a-boo with someone in your house!


Also this week you could make bear sandwiches, vegetable kebabs, colourful jelly, smiley pizza faces or Rice Krispie treats for your own picnic lunch.

You may want to play in a tray of wood leaves, find a hidden bear in the garden or paint or felt an outline of a bear. You could act out a pretend picnic with a blanket, plastic plates and beakers. How about naming and pointing out the bears features and finding if you have any the same.

Miffy is a rabbit just like you and there is a story about a teddy bear too – Miffy’s Lost Teddy Bear is a lovely story on YouTube.

Rabbits in lockdown 😢

Hello little Rabbits 🐰

We are very sorry that we are not at school again. Unfortunately, those naughty germs are causing disruption to our learning again. Thankfully our friends in caterpillar 🐛 group are helping prepare some home learning packs to come home to you.
If we were in school, we would be doing lots of work on Teddy Bears picnic, so please feel free to get your teddies out and do some role playing and joining in with some music. You could even play hide and seek in your gardens and have a picnic in your house. In class, we would have been making sandwiches and jam tarts, as well as painting, physio work, speech and language and life skills.
If you would like to carry on with some of our school routines, we have our scents of the day: minty Monday, coffee Tuesday, vanilla Wednesday, lemon Thursday and orange Friday. Perhaps you could raid your kitchen cupboards (with help) and sniff out some matching smells!
We are also sending home some speech and language activities, but in the meantime some turn taking and waiting games are a great place to start to practise your skills ‘Ready, steady, go!’
I will speak to you all during the week to check you are all feeling well and Amanda and I will keep adding ideas to our blog as we go along.
Take care and don’t forget to keep washing your hands.

You’ve got a friend in me!

This week our theme has been toy story. We have been exploring the toy story characters by unwrapping them when they arrived in our class on Monday. We have listened to the song ‘you’ve got a friend in me’ and then completed some painting and art activities linked to the characters.
We have been busy getting active in the hall and sharing toys with our friends, rolling the ball to each other and taking turns on the swings.
Our star of the week is Aminah who has been wearing her new brace without any complaints and doing some super sitting in class, well done!
on Friday in cooking, we will be making some banana and strawberry smoothies.

Please take care of bear

This week Rabbits have listened to a story about a toy bear to tie in with our ‘Toy’ topic this term. It was planned that ‘The Everywhere Bear’ would follow the story and come home to spend a weekend with each of us in the class and his news and adventures would be shared with everyone each Monday. Due to the current climate we will be putting his visits on hold but had fun this week exploring resources linked to the text. Some of us tried jelly like Jay in the story, activated the seagull sound switch, searched for a missing bear or touched a real fish.

Busy, busy, busy!

We have been very busy in Rabbit class since our last blog. The children loved their Friday disco with bubbles outside and making rainbow 🌈 toast for snack time. Our star of the week last Friday was Aminah ⭐️ for her super work with her vocabulary and letters.

We have done some fine motor skills this week, practising with cutting blocks ✂️ to cut out characters linked to the Miss Polly had a dolly rhyme. We have also been doing lots of intensive interaction work to develop early communication skills. We enjoyed a music session with Bev, continued our physical management activities and have also started our life skills each morning, focusing on teeth brushing and washing our hands-and we get LOTS of practise with this at the moment!

We especially enjoyed messy play, doing colourful hand prints for our funky fingers display and exploring the shaving foam.

Keep up the good work everyone!