What busy bunnies!

This week in Rabbit class we have been listening to the story of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ again. The children have thoroughly enjoyed getting immersed in the sensory story sessions. They have done some super mark making using their feet!

We managed to avoid the rain and do our walkathon around the playground – well done everyone and a big thank you to everybody that has raised money, it is very much appreciated.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to go swimming this week, but the children were compensated with extra free play and an end of term disco as a special reward for all their hard work this term. They especially liked the spooky projector and the dressing up costumes.

We’re going on a bear hunt

This week in Rabbits we have been on a barefoot sensory walk as part of our Bear hunt theme. The children were very brave testing out different textures and temperatures with their feet. The children have worked hard on communication targets, requesting ‘more’ or making choices between objects and we are beginning to see lots of anticipation with ‘ready, steady, go’ activities, especially with highly motivating activities such as the swings.
The children enjoyed partaking in our Harvest Festival and playing along with their instruments for ‘Thank you God for the Harvest’. The children then enjoyed some sensory play with Autumn leaves, getting messy and creating a lovely Autumn collage for our display.
Thank you to everyone that has donated to the food bank, your generosity is very much appreciated.

Good choosing everyone, finding our favourite things.
PE Activities, lots of good balancing, communicating and sharing. Well done everyone.
Choosing time and learning new skills.

Our week at school

This week in Rabbits we have been settling into our daily routines, such as joining in with good morning and smell of the day. The children have been responding well to our count downs and transitions when using cue songs and the now and next board. They also show recognition for PE when we put PE kits on, or aprons for lunch.
They have been doing excellent participation with sensory play, choosing between shaving foam/baby lotion and beginning to show understanding with cause and effect when using switches.
we have continued our work with Old Macdonald, with the children taking more of an interest with the animals and the fine motor activities. The finger isolation activities using finger puppets were enjoyed by everyone and help to develop a fine pincer grasp.
In PE this week, everyone was active and selected their favourite activities, from swings, to stepping stones, ramps and balls. They also responded well to our relaxation session at the end of PE using bubbles and the Lycra sheets to stretch around us,

Old Macdonald 👨‍🌾 had a farm

This week in Rabbit class we have been listening to Old Macdonald had a farm. We explored the sensory activities of pigs in mud, ducks in the pond and searched for animals hidden in the hay.

During speech and language work, the children experienced facial massage to help develop muscle tone and worked on lip closure activities to prepare them for making sounds.

We had a tasty afternoon preparing cakes for the Macmillan coffee morning. We all got very sticky whilst choosing our favourite colours and using fine pincer movements to pick up the sprinkles. Good work everyone!