We’re going on a bear hunt

This week in Rabbits we have been on a barefoot sensory walk as part of our Bear hunt theme. The children were very brave testing out different textures and temperatures with their feet. The children have worked hard on communication targets, requesting ‘more’ or making choices between objects and we are beginning to see lots of anticipation with ‘ready, steady, go’ activities, especially with highly motivating activities such as the swings.
The children enjoyed partaking in our Harvest Festival and playing along with their instruments for ‘Thank you God for the Harvest’. The children then enjoyed some sensory play with Autumn leaves, getting messy and creating a lovely Autumn collage for our display.
Thank you to everyone that has donated to the food bank, your generosity is very much appreciated.

Good choosing everyone, finding our favourite things.
PE Activities, lots of good balancing, communicating and sharing. Well done everyone.
Choosing time and learning new skills.
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