Welcome back!

Welcome back after a short half term week. This week we have been exploring our polar bear sensory story. We have been having fun playing with snow (instant mash) and using a fan connected to a switch to create a snowstorm. We got very messy.

We made angel delight on Wednesday morning. We all had a turn to pour the milk into the angel delight powder and then used a whisk to mix it all together. Everyone enjoyed having a taste of the chocolate and strawberry angel delight. Deeya, Poppy and Preston enjoyed feeding themselves independently. Well done to Harris for having a taste of the angel delight. He looks like he enjoyed it.

Robins always enjoy music time with Bev each week. They explore musical instruments out of Bev’s music bag. They all watch their friends play and explore the musical instruments whilst they are waiting for their turn.

Star of the week is ….. Oliver. Oliver’s walking has improved so much. He is now able to walk longer distances around school and even explores outside in his walker. Oliver is having lovely interactions with both familiar and unfamiliar adults around school. We see lots of beautiful smiles throughout the day. Well done Oliver.

Have a great weekend Robins.
Leeanne and the Robins Team.

Happy half term!

This week Robins have enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year. We enjoyed a dragon dance from some of the wonderful year 5 children from Rushall Primary. They made a dragon and showcased it to Oakwood pupils. Robins enjoyed watching this and dancing along to the music.

We have enjoyed a sensory story to celebrate Chinese new year. We have used our senses to explore different elements of Chinese new year such as paper lanterns, fans and tasted prawn crackers, fortune cookies, noodles, rice and chow mein sauce. Oliver, Poppy and Zahra really enjoyed the food. We made our own fans, explored red envelopes, and watched the Chinese dragon dance. We made blossom trees using yoghurt and food colouring, we used the bottom of the bottles to dab ‘blossom’ onto the trees.

Our star of the week is our new little Robin Harris. We are so proud of how well Harris has settled in Robins. Well done Harris!

Next half term swimming will be on a Monday morning, please send kits in on the first day back.

Have a lovely half term Robins!
The Robins team.

Busy Robins!

In Robins we use the same routines each day, this supports the pupils as they know what to expect and what is happening next. Each morning once the pupils have arrived they take their coats off and go and brush their teeth in the bathroom. At the start of September some of the pupils didn’t like brushing their teeth but over time with using the same routine they have come to tolerate their teeth being brushed or even having a go themselves. They also enjoy looking at there reflection in the mirror.

This week we have had some lovely interactions between pupils. Poppy and Zahra have been interacting with each other. Oliver and Deeya have also been interacting in the book corner. Deeya has been doing some lovely sharing with Oliver, Deeya has been passing Oliver books.

Robins have been exploring the outdoor area again this week. Deeya and Freddie have enjoyed going in the cars and using their feet to move them selves around. Oliver used his walker outside for the first time. He did so well walking in a different environment and enjoyed looking around the garden. We had lots of smiles from poppy whilst she was in the swing. Preston enjoyed wizzing around on the bike and Zahra enjoyed chasing after Preston on the bike.

Robins star of the week is Anmol. Anmol has been using more words this week when interacting with adults. Anmol has also had some lovely interactions with some of the pupils within the class. Well done Anmol!

Have a great weekend Robins!
Leeanne and the Robins team.

Spring is coming!

This week robins have been enjoying the mild weather. Some of us have been exploring outside. We can’t wait for the warmer weather to get outside more and enjoy the sensory garden.

We have saw some lovely interactions between some of the pupils in the class. Zahra and Anmol have had lovely interactions during PE. Zahra and Rumaysah have also shared some beautiful interactions within the classroom. It’s wonderful to see interactions between the pupils.

Each week we join some of the other classes within Oakwood and enjoy celebrating our hard work with star of the week assemblies. We enjoy lots of dancing and singing when we are all in the hall together.

We are encouraging some of robins to walk if they are able when moving around school. Poppy, Oliver, Freddie and Deeya are doing amazing at walking to the hall for dinner and assembly with support from adults.

Our star of the week is Poppy, Poppy is making new relationships with staff around school, she is also doing brilliant with feeding herself at dinner times and doing excellent with her talking. Keep up the hard work Poppy.

We like to move it move it!

This week Robins have really been focusing on their physical development. Rumaysah and Oliver have both been doing excellent walking using their walking frames within the classroom. Zahra has been doing some lovely bench sitting focusing on her balance. Poppy, Freddie and Deeeya have been doing some amazing walking with adult support to the dinner hall. Anmol and Preston have been practing there swimming with adult support. Well done Robins keep up the hard work!

During music with Bev this week we have been exploring different musical instruments. We all had a go at playing the chimes. We all waited patiently for our friends to have a go. Lovely sharing Robins.

Robins star of the week is Freddie. Freddie is doing amazing with his walking. He is now able to walk to the hall with support from an adult to hold one hand! Freddie is also engaging in more stimuli during lessons. Well done Freddie!

Happy new year Robins!

Welcome back and happy new year!! We hope you all had a lovely break.
This week has been a busy one. We started our new topic of penguins and polar bears. We have enjoyed exploring ice, some but of us didn’t like touching the cold ice and chose to look instead. We also explored flour to represent the snow. We all enjoyed getting messy with this.

At the start of the week we explored apples, bananas, blackberries and strawberries. We all took turns to cut our fruit. Some of us really enjoyed eating the fruit and others weren’t so keen. Each week robins will explore and try different fruits and vegetables.

We made snowflakes to put on our classroom windows. We used the cutting blocks to cut the patterns out. All of robins worked really hard when making their snowflakes ❄️. We used the glue spreader to spread glue on and then sprinkled glitter on. Rumaysah, Zahra and Freddie had excellent tracking skills when watching Pam sprinkle to glitter onto the snowflake.

This term we are exploring feelings using the story the colour monster. We explored the feeling happy this week. Happy is represented by the colour yellow within the story. We explored and tasted some yellow objects. We learnt the makaton sign for happy and made a yellow sensory glitter bottle.

Robins star of the week is Deeya. Deeya has been doing some amazing problem solving skills this week using Lego blocks. She has been building the Lego blocks independently. Well done Deeya keep up the brilliant work!

Robins have got the attendance Ted for having the most improved attendance this week.
Well done Robins!!

Have a great weekend!
Leeanne and the Robins Team.

It’s christmas!!! 🎄🎅

Thank you to the parents that came to the Christmas assembly. We are so proud of our Robins.

This week Robins have enjoyed celebrating Christmas. We had a Christmas party and enjoyed some party food. We had a special visitor – Santa and his helpers who delivered chocolate presents to the pupils of robins class. All the pupils had lots of smiles for Santa.

The Robins team are really proud of all our little Robins this term.

We would like to thank the parents for kindly sending in gifts for the staff.

We hope you all have a wonderful break and look forward to seeing you all in the new year.
Leeanne and the Robins Team x

Christmas crafts 🎅 🎄

This week in Robins we have been doing lots of Christmas crafts. We have been getting messy with different coloured paints to create our calendars. We have been using our hands, paint brushes and sponges to make marks on paper for the calendars.

For our Christmas cards we chose different coloured paints, and some of us used our hands and some of us used dabbers and paint brushes to paint around a Christmas template. We sprinkled some glitter over our designs. Our beautifully designed cards will be sent home next week.

In robins we have been getting into the Christmas sprint by listening to lots of Christmas songs and trying on Santa hats and looking at our selves in the mirror.

Our star of the week is Freddie. Freddie has been taking steps independently . We are all so proud of how determined Freddie is becoming with his walking. Keep up the excellent walking Freddie!

Have a great weekend Robins.
see you all Monday for our last week of term!!
Leeanne and the Robins team.

Let’s get moving!

Robins have been working really hard on their physical development during the autumn term. Freddie is doing amazing with his walking, he is now confident enough to just hold one hand when walking around the classroom. Keep up the great walking Freddie! Oliver has been in his walker and is doing so well with moving around the classroom. Well done Oliver! Rumaysah has been using her walker to take steps independently keep working hard Rumaysah! Poppy is now confident enough to also use one hand when walking, she felt very confident during PE and was able to step up onto the stepping stones with support. Well done Poppy! Zahra is doing amazing using her standing frame, and she also tolerates tummy time for longer periods well done Zahra.

Robins really enjoyed swimming this week. We saw lots of smiles and giggles when in the pool. We did lots of splashing around and moving our bodies in different ways we also relaxed whilst in the pool towards the end of the session. It was Oliver’s first time in the pool and he did so well. Poppy practiced her walking in the water too. Deeya, Anmol and Preston enjoying doing lots of splashing and independent swimming.

Robins star of the week is Rumaysah. We are all so proud of how well Rumaysah is doing with her standing, using her standing frame and using her walker. Keep up the great work Rumaysah.

Have a great weekend Robins.
See you all next week!
Leeanne and the Robins team

Story time!

This week in Robins we have been exploring the weather through our sensory story.
We explored ice cubes and fake snow it’s was very cold, then we warmed up by exploring the sun using a hot water bottle. We listened to the thunder and had a go at making our own thunder sounds on the drum. We felt the wind on our faces too. We felt the rain on our faces. Then a rainbow appeared. We enjoyed looking at the rainbow umbrella🌈.

Robins did some great pour using rice and containers. We explored paint in a bag to make marks using our fingers. This activity supports our fine motor skills. Some of us used rolling pins to break up wheatabixs again using fine motor skills to roll the rolling pins over the bags.

Our star of the week is Oliver. We are all so proud of how well Oliver has settled into Robins class. Oliver enjoyed the star of the week assembly with all the other classes and did lots of dancing to the music. Well done Oliver! 🌟

Have a great weekend!