Family πŸ˜€ fun

Joshua has enjoyed a garden visit from his Grandparents this week. As the weather was so warm β˜€οΈ Joshua and his brother had great fun being bounced in the trampoline – the bigger the better!

Joshua has also showed off his physical abilities – standing, crawling and climbing – all in quick succession with such intent and fluency – such great progress well done!

He has continued to choose his favourite book to listen to by himself and also enjoys sharing it with his Dad.

Joshua’s home fun …

Joshua has been chuckling, giggling and rolling around in fits of laughter this week – such a lovely sight and sound πŸ˜†

Joshua has rediscovered a noisy book. He has enjoyed pressing the sound buttons and flicking the pages to look at the pictures. It is now a new favourite.

Joshua is getting super steady on his feet and is getting quick with his groovy moves.

It is so lovely to hear new vocalisations too – what a great week you’ve had Joshua βœ”οΈ

Mum has been modelling a clever invention – nail art stickers and these are special as they are tailored towards Joshua’s condition – trend setter – looking good.

pluck πŸ₯ hit πŸ”” shake

Hello Robins – it’s been a little bit gusty for our garden robins this weekend. Did you feel the wind on your face? Did it blow your hair? Could you hear it blowing all the trees and leaves around?

Would you keep setting the wind chimes off?

This week why not make your own noise? You could make kitchen roll bells, paper plate tambourines or strum or pick at an old box with elastic around it. Fill an old yoghurt pot with rice or add beads or coins in an old water bottle. Can you make a loud sound? Can you locate a quiet sound being played? πŸ‘€ Where did it come from? Bev has also added new songs on Charanga, these can also be listened to via the Oakwood website too! Permission to be as loud as possible – sorry mummy’s and daddy’s!

Groovy moos

Farmer Daniel has being enjoying time looking after his animals at home. He has loved listening to animal programmes on the TV and has joined the herd. Brilliant to hear Daniel 😊

πŸ˜† 😊 πŸ˜€

Joshua has been having a fit of giggles this week. He waited and waited for the ticking finger to get close β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” then screwed himself up in a ball of fun! Looks great fun Joshua. He has also been taking a keen interest in the mixture of weather that has been going on this week from his front window β˜€οΈ 🌧 ☁️ β›ˆ 🌬

Mirror mirror on the wall …

This week why not have fun with all things glinting and glistening? You could have a look at your gorgeous self in a mirror or play with your toys leaning on one – it is a very different experience. If you have bubble mixture or you could make your own try to blow them, catch them or reach out to pop them. Now bubbles on a mirror ????

πŸ¦• Daddy of the dinosaurs πŸ¦•

Daniel has had lots of fun hatching his own dinosaur πŸ¦– – wowee! He enjoyed time outside in the sun β˜€οΈ and found an egg. As he played in his water tray to keep him cool he added his egg to see what would happen – guess what it hatched and it grew and it grew. I hope you have a big garden to keep it in Daniel. There will certainly be no BBQ πŸ— meat left! Have a roarsome time!