Making the tiger a sandwich

In continuation to our story this week, we made jam sandwiches for the tiger in case he comes to visit us at school again!! We practiced our spreading skills , Poppy and Zahra couldn’t wait to eat the sandwich!

Let’s Celebrate

Look at our wonderful work!

We have taken part in lots of celebrations from Diwali , Bonfire night and Remembrance day. The children had a great time in the hall experiencing various sensory activities with their friends. We made lovely chalk firework pictures! For remembrance we made tactile poppies.

Supermarket Fun

Today we went shopping. The children looked around the shop for our ingredients to make a mars bar cake. We used the ingredients to make our cake – the children were very helpful!

Fruit and Vegetables!

We have been looking at Fruit and Vegetables this week. The children have explored Fruit in water discovering wether they float or sink. Children helped to make potato heads exploring the materials to make it. They explored a range of potatoes.

Vegetable Soup

This week we have made vegetable Soup. The children have explored different vegetables, helped to chop the veggies and used an adapted Big Mac switch to turn the blender on and off. All the children enjoyed tasting their creation!