Cool 😎

Poppy’s changed! She is loving her sister’s dressing up πŸ‘“ so much she doesn’t want to take them off! They look great Poppy – ready to chair a meeting or read the news! She has also had fun in her pool and loves warm cuddles in her towel afterwards. Lovely photos to treasure.

Poppy has been learning the song Peter Rabbit too

🦷 First lost tooth 🦷

Joshua had a wobbly tooth this week and woke up one morning to find it had fallen out. Did the tooth fairy take it Joshua?

He has been loving his time outside in the warm weather spending time on the trampoline – his daddy and brother made it extra bouncy!

The 6th sense is …

The next colour of our rainbow is Indigo. Have you got any lavender in your garden? Purple grapes in your fruit bowl? Ribena to drink? You could freeze some to dilute later and have purple ice cubes? Has a purple emperor butterfly flown into your garden this year yet? Do you have a purple crayon or play dough on your cupboards? Have fun and stay safe.

πŸ‘£ step this way πŸ‘£

A very special moment to share – last night Joshua walked on his own between two televisions just using the wall to keep his balance. Breathtaking – it is the most he has ever walked with no support from mummy or daddy. Everyone is thrilled and so excited for him and so very very proud of his achievements. Delighted to share this epic accomplishment with you all.

πŸ‘‹ Hello πŸ‘‹