Attendance Winners!

Well done Robins!!!

What a wonderful week we have had. This week we are proud to say we have won the attendance bear for the best improved attendance! Keep it up Robins !

It’s all fun and games at the circus!

Wii had lots of fun!

The Children had great fun playing on the Wii. We played bowling , everyone scored!!!

Colourful sensology

Aminah and Zahra love exploring colourful voiles.

Polka dot bow ties

We are super proud of our little Robins work this week. Everyone had a go at decorating their bow ties.

Star of the week

Zahra is this weeks Star of the Week! We are super proud of her feeding herself independently. Well Done Zahra!!!

Chinese New Year

Sensory play for Chinese New Year

This week we explored the colour red. The Children enjoyed exploring red rice, red torches and red cellophane. We painted good luck messages on red lantern.

Litter picking

On Thursday we went litter picking in the hall. The children had lots of fun using the litter pickers to put the rubbish in the bin. Our visitor taught us why it is bad to drop litter.

Tasting Chinese food

To finish the week off, on Friday we cooked add tasted a Chinese stir-fry. We tasted prawn crackers and sweet and sour sauce. The children explored egg noodles.

Roll up, Roll up

The circus is coming to Robins class!

This week we have been getting ready for the circus to come to town. During our sensology session on Monday, the children tasted chips with salt and vinegar, played with helium balloons, and balanced on the balance board.

Welcome back to school Joshua!

Messy Play

On Thursday we had great fun exploring custard, jelly, shaving foam and chickpeas.

Heavy and light

The children explored heavy and light objects. They enjoyed making their very own dumbbell!

Can you play?

The children enjoyed music with Bev today. We copied each other’s actions to music, poppy initiated wind the bobbin up- her favourite song! The children sat together on the carpet and helped each other play shakers to the song ‘Can you play?’.