Pancake day fun!

We flipped pancakes

We made pancakes for pancake day. Poppy and Daniel helped to prepare the mixture. Josh and Zahra loved exploring the ingredients.

A Dragon came to school

A Chinese Dragon came to visit us at school. It was fantastic fun, we loved watching it walk around the room! The children loved playing with coloured fans and parasols. We even got to try on the dragons head!

It’s a kind of magic

In keeping with our circus topic we explored magic and surprises. We explored surprising recourses and watched magic snow grow in a can.

Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Sensology

We have had a lovely week celebrating Valentine’s Day this week. We all enjoyed valentines sensology, we smelt perfume, tasted chocolate and enjoyed a cuddle with an adult.

Valentines Crafts

We had a great time making our cards for our families this week!

Robins love swimming

Robins are amazing in the swimming pool! Josh, poppy and Zahra love to explore all by themselves, Daniel loves to relax!

Star of the week

As always all the children have blown us away this week, however this weeks star of the week is Poppy! Poppy has had a fantastic half term. She is always smiling and super independent! This week we have seen a great improvement in her independence in the pool trying out new floats, she is also working hard on walking with her new weighted walking frame. Well done Poppy!!!!

We love school!

We love our classroom!

Clowning around

We enjoyed making paper plate clown faces!

Super Sensology

Star of the week

We are incredibly proud of Josh this week! Josh has been the happiest boy around! We’ve had lots and lots of smiles and laughter! This week Josh has started to take assisted steps, we are super excited to see our superstar flourish at school. Week done Josh!