… family time …

Zahra has been spending time with her family – enjoying their company and watching all the fun and games they make up when outdoors. All that fresh air made her ready for her snack.


Right to ‘write’

Zahra has loved being surrounded by her family this week. She enjoys listening to all the conversations going on and is keen to join in too. She has particularly liked sitting with her cousins, whilst they do their school work and copying them as they do their writing. Excellent observation Zahra and fantastic pencil grip – well done – we’re sending a massive smile to you as you always do for us and we are missing them. Thank you for sharing your time at home with us.

A playful Poppy

Poppy has been making the most of the perfect weather ☀️ and spending some of her day in the garden 🌷. She loves to spend time in her sandpit, playing with her buckets and spades and makes perfect sand angels!
Having plenty of fresh air and play can be tiring, so to round off a pleasurable day Poppy spent some time relaxing and watching her favourite TV shows. She was very tired 💤 at bedtime but couldn’t wait to find out what adventures she would be having tomorrow!

A – Z with me!

Daniel has been a very busy boy at home – the Meredith’s have taken up the challenge of taking part in or creating something with each letter of the alphabet! Wow that’s huge – but they have gone gusto and are nearly half was through and are now thinking of the letter l – what would you do? … play with lights, laugh, show your love, play with leaves, lick a lolly pop? …

Thank you so much for sharing your fun at home – we will keep guessing Daniel until you reveal what you got up to!

Week Two

Makaton have a new ‘sign of the week’ and Out of the Ark have added more action songs – today you need to clap your hands 🙌 and stamp your feet 🦶!

📩 … hello Robins … 📩

We hope you have all had a good week enjoying the sunshine and everyone is safe and well. It has been very strange not seeing you at school but we have been thinking about you lots and lots.

It will be really lovely if we could use this blog to share with each other what we have been getting up to at home and your ideas may inspire others to have a go to!

Exploring outdoors in your garden in different weathers – sunny or windy – can feel refreshing and the colours of your garden are mesmerising. Amanda’s cat 🐱 Kizzie loves sunbathing (she has a thick fluffy coat and got so warm she was seen catnapping, – she was probably dreaming of our resident robin that antagonises her from high up in the trees!). Later on she was seen chasing a white feather around the garden – then ate it! Denise has spent time in her garden tending to her beautiful Spring 🌼 and Shannon has enjoyed a few walks 👣 along the canal.

Sports relief

Garden Centre fun

We had a lovely morning at the garden centre exploring the plants and the aquarium. Poppy and Josh explored different bulbs and potatoes. Daniel looked around at his favourite fish.

You have a friend in me

Aminah and Daniel are great friends. Aminah thought it was hilarious to stroke Daniels hair!


We used squirty cream to splat a clowns face. We also splatted our own noses!

Sports Relief

Sports relief was great fun! We played with the parachute, hoopla hoops and the football. Some of us joined in with a giant hokey pokey in the hall and wake up shake up.