Meet The Planets πŸͺ 🌍 🌝 🌌

This week we have thrown ourselves into our new Earth and Space topic. We have met some of the planets in our new story β€œMeet the Planets” and have been on a journey into space on a rocket ship.

We boarded the rocket together using our intergalactic passports and made our way to our seats. We all joined in with the countdown from 10 before zooming into space and making our way through the galaxy, past lots of the planets in our solar system 🌌 we then worked together to decorate a big, 3D rocket ship ready for our own journey.

As part of our sensory exploration session we explored the planets in the space themed water beads and made our space men jump through our gloopy moon slime. We used our space blanket as a base to explore the planets and we worked together to explore their shapes and see if we could name any of the planets we could see.

We were so glad to be able to restart our swimming sessions this week! We focussed on getting ourselves back into our swimming routine and building our confidence in the water after being away for such a long time. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it was lovely to see our friends at the main Oakwood site.

As part of our cooking session this week we revisited the cooking room at Rushall School. We used rice cakes and Cheerios to make some edible moons. We used a knife to spread white chocolate spread onto our rice cake before carefully utilising our fine motor skills when picking up and placing the small Cheerios onto our moon base to create craters.

Next week we will be carrying on with our Meet the Planets story and we will get the opportunity to meet a few more of the planets in our solar system and even become spacemen and women!

What Makes Me a Me?

We have had another lovely week at school, building relationships and settling into our new routines. We have added more structure this week and we have responded well to this.

In our maths sessions this week we have been looking at 2D shapes and some of us have been looking at their properties. We showed brilliant engagement and participation when playing a shapes game on the interactive screen before moving on to our groups.

As part of our phonics session this week we learnt the β€œm” and β€œch” sound and enjoyed completing activities around our Story Time Phonics story β€œMunch”.

Next we are looking forward to starting our Earth and Space topic by kicking it off with our book β€œMeet the Planets” where we will work our way through space in a variety of sensory ways to kick start the new topic.

Welcome Back! πŸŽ‰

Welcome back to school everyone!

It is the start of a new school year in a new class and with new people and we are very excited to start making memories, learning and having fun!

We hope you have all had a brilliant summer holiday and have been able to do lots of lovely things and we are so pleased to welcome you back as a Robin this year!

This week has been all about getting back into our routine, getting to know our new friends and adults and settling back in to being at school again and having to get up on time which I know some of you have struggled with (staff included I’m sure!)

Take a look at some of the things we have been up to this week and we look forward to seeing what next week brings as we read our story β€œWhat Makes Me a Me?”