Hi there! Wow 😮 it’s June already?!! ☀️

I hope everyone has enjoyed the sunshine and been having some fun with your families. I can’t believe how long we’ve been away from school now. It feels like such a long time since we were busy in our squirrels classroom!

Vicky’s news: I have seen my mum this week which is the first time since lockdown. My daughter Maddy and I had a lovely few hours not far from her house in the Goyt Valley with the dogs. Maddy and the dogs all cooled down in the reservoir. As the reservoir was very low, my dog Eric kept rolling on the dried mud where the water should have been, every time he came out the water! He got so disgustingly dirty and then rolled all over our picnic blankets! What a naughty dog! 🦮 🤦‍♀️😆

I’ve had lots of pictures and squirrel news this week! 🐿 Tammy and Julie send lots of love and have been asking how you all are so they will love looking at your pictures and videos! 🐿

Let’s start with Isa! 😀 I saw Isa last week as I dropped off some resources. We had to keep at a safe distance but it was so lovely to see him and his sister and Mummy. Isa has been very busy at home. He even showed me his new light up music speaker which connects to his IPad. We all had a little dance!

Nathan’s news! 😃 Nathan has enjoyed getting out and about! He really enjoys going to Cannock Chase and they have seen some very interesting things on their walks…

Nathan has also enjoyed spending time with Mummy doing cooking and painting activities!

Next up we have news and pictures from Kyle! 😄
Kyle has really enjoyed a day at Chasewater with his family.

Jeremiah’s Mummy sent a picture over of him reading his book and she told me that he loved playing with the puppets from school so much that they bought him a new one which he absolutely loves! She sent us the video of Jeremiah playing with his new friend Cookie Monster 😍

Mmmmm…cookies for Cookie Monster! 🍪😋💙
Looks like a lovely book 📚

Last, but by no means least, is William! 😃

William has enjoyed lots of time with his family. He’s been looking at fire engines 🚒, police cars 🚔 and ambulances 🚑 on his IPad for our topic ‘People Who Help Us’. I wonder which one he liked best? 🤔 Mummy has sent some lovely pictures of William enjoying a games day! Some of his favourites are playing an M&Ms slot machine, Pig Goes Pop and playing games on Wii Sports.

Thank you for all the lovely pictures squirrels (and thank you to mums and dads for sending them)!!

Squirrel News 🐿

Hello 👋 I hope you’re all ok and have enjoyed some of the lovely sunshine this week. It has been very windy over where I live today!
I’ve had some pictures and videos from some of your parents which you might like to see. I’ve also got some hellos from Tammy and Julie! It was Julie’s birthday this week so we send lots of love and birthday wishes to her and hope she had a lovely day 🥳

I know lots of you miss your friends and it’s exciting to see our friends on the class blog! This week we have some pictures and videos from three squirrels!
First up…🥁 drum roll…

Happy Birthday to our Nathan 🥳 We all send lots of birthday wishes and hope you’ve had a lovely birthday!

Wow! 🤩 Nathan you look like you’re having fun! That horn made me jump! 😜

Bye for now and stay safe squirrels 😘

We’ve had some more pictures of our super squirrels at home! 🐿 🏠

First up is Isa 😎

Next up is our Kyle! 😜

Thank you for sending these lovely pictures! 😊

Keep them coming…I will add pictures or videos on as we get them…stay safe squirrels 🐿

Some people have been getting very musical this week! 🎶 🎤

You look like you’re really enjoying yourself Nathan! 😃
You might remember Jeremiah’s pictures from last week where he is singing to his favourite puppet and feeding him grapes. The videos are now below…
🎵 A,b,c 🎶
Yum yum 😋

Well I think I’d better think what I am going to do to be musical since Tammy and Julie have worked so hard! 🤔

If you are looking at the blog and Mummy or Daddy have some photos or videos of you from the last few weeks please send them to me. We would love to see everybody. Your photos can be musical or doing something different, we don’t mind! Please send them to vnoakes@oakwood.walsall.sch.uk and I can add them on to the post.

😃 Hello again everyone! Here’s a little 🐿 news!

Firstly, I just wanted to say how proud I am of you all! I have had wonderful emails, photos and spoken with mummy or daddy on phone calls and I can’t believe how well you are coping at home. For lots of you it has been extremely hard not seeing your grandparents, going out to places or coming to school!
Here’s a few photos I’ve had from William and Jeremiah. They have really enjoyed having fun with some toys and activities they love from school.

Can you see what Vicky put in her window? Maddy and I painted rainbows a few weeks ago and the children near us like going on a Bear Hunt and looking for bears in people’s windows when they are out on walks. 🐻🐼

Bev has been working very hard over the last few weeks teaching the staff from the North Star Federation all the signs to the song Lean on Me. You can see it on the school website. She asked me to tell you that she’s put lots more songs on Charanga and has put activities in the folder called Information for Parents. There are also videos on her Music page on the Home Learning Website. I have added the Charanga log in details that I sent on the email a few weeks back just in case you can’t find them.

So this week, we would love to see some pictures of you being musical in any way. Whether you like watching songs on your IPad, singing and dancing or playing instruments. You could even make an instrument of your own. Please show us what you’ve been doing. Don’t forget to have a look at Bev’s activities as there’s lots of songs you love to sing in school for you to see. I will leave you with a picture of Bev at home playing her drums!

Bye Squirrels 👋 speak to you all soon!

Hello Squirrels! 🐿

I hope you have been ok and enjoying some of the lovely sunshine in the garden or spending time with your families ☀️ 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
I have been speaking to your Mummy’s or Daddy’s and I am so proud of how well you’ve all been doing in these very strange times whilst we’re not at school! Some of you have been doing some lovely things and I have really enjoyed seeing photos of you these last few weeks. I’m going to share some in this post but first, our Squirrel team wanted to say hello and all send their love. We’ve even got Angie saying hi this time. Angie works with us on Fridays and Wednesday mornings!

That’s all for now squirrels but do send any updates for next time and if mummy or daddy have anything from the last few weeks (I know a few of you had some to send but may have forgotten or got busy), do still send it over as it’s not too late to add your pictures onto this blog.

As always, stay safe my lovely squirrels 🐿

Love to you all from Vicky and the team 😘🥰🤗😍

Weekend Flower Power Art Challenge 🌸🌼🌻🌹🌺

A few weeks ago, before the world went crazy, we spent some time looking at the beautiful spring daffodils. We touched them, smelt them and even pulled them apart as we explored them. Using potatoes, we printed our own beautiful daffodils and made cards for our mummies (I’ve added these below as they were so beautiful 😍)!

This first blog challenge has no rules, the process and enjoyment are the key outcomes and we do not need an end product unless you want one! This Art challenge can be with lots or little help from family members. I have provided a mix of ideas below but feel free to run with your own ideas. Photography is also encouraged if your child is highly motivated by their IPad. You might see something that inspires you if you go for a walk or in your gardens?

Before you get started…

Hello 👋 How are you doing at home?

It’s been a long time since we’ve been at school already hasn’t it? I have missed you all very much and know that this is a really difficult time being at home for so long and not being able to come to school, visit family, go out and have fun at the park or just simply go out in the car! It has been lovely to speak to your mummies and daddies and I even got to speak to some of you on the phone which really cheered me up. You have all coped with some big changes so well! Try to be good for everybody at home and hopefully we’ll be back in school soon. I’m going to post some pictures of what I’ve been doing and some of the ones you have sent to me already. Each week we’ll share some more and in between we could have some activities that you might like to do at home with help from your family. Stay safe my lovely squirrels! 🐿 🥰

‘Show Time’

After a wonderfully busy time last week for World Book Day, this week we did some craft activities related to our Show Time theme and created a display in the classroom with our funny face clowns. Thursday afternoon we watched songs from The Greatest Showman with popcorn and chocolate 😋 There was lots of dancing and singing along, especially to our favourite, This Is Me!

We also enjoyed getting back to our favourite activities such as sensory play and swimming. Hope you enjoy the photos…