Happy Father’s Day!

We hope you have remembered to give your daddy or special family member your fantastic cards! Vicky found one of the spare card inserts and realised she had been auto corrected for her spelling. 🤦‍♀️ The cards were supposed to say ‘turtley’ awesome but spell check thought she was being silly and changed it to say ‘totally’! She didn’t notice till it was far too late and the cards were completed, inserts written and stuck inside. Sorry squirrels 🐿 😆 🐢

Well either way, they hopefully conveyed the same message!! 🥰😘

The children worked very hard on them so I have started this week’s blog with some photos of the crafting! We picked turtles as we have been doing all about holidays, the seaside & sea creatures. Carry on reading to see our photos! The first step was to draw around our hands and cut them out. We then got to work turning them into turtles.

Carrying on the turtle theme, we made these healthy but tasty turtle snacks in cooking this week…

Here are some highlights of our special seaside days. As you can see we had so much fun! We began with our main story this term, ‘The Train Ride’. If you want to share it at home, scroll back to the 6th June blog.

Introducing our engine driver Julie! 🚂

We got on our train again and after a long journey we arrived at the beach!

Finally we wanted to share our Squirrels Satellite Superstar this week! Drum roll 🥁…

It’s Nathan! He’s been working really hard on his communication targets and we are all very proud of him! 🌟

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and we’ll see you all on Monday for a another week of fun 🤩

Bye Squirrels 👋 🐿

Fun in the Forest and some terrific teamwork in Squirrels!

We enjoy lots of music and creative development activities. One of our favourite activities within our music sessions is working as a team with the stretchy cloth. This week, we had our beautiful rainbow fish to sing to. When we’ve finished the song we count how many bounces until he ends up on the floor. Sometimes we get over 10 bounces!

We have had lots of birthdays to celebrate over the last few weeks. One of the activities in our Problem Solving sessions was to make some play dough birthday cakes as well as exploring our new play dough ice cream set🎂 It all looked good enough to eat but we didn’t of course! We saved ourselves for all the goodies. Thank you to Nathan, Hari and Leo for all the treats you sent in! We hope you had wonderful birthdays 🥳

This week’s squirrel satellite superstar was Leo 🤩

Hello Squirrels 🐿 I hope you’ve had a lovely half term in the sunshine! ☀️

I hope you and your families are all well and you are looking forward to starting back for our second half of the summer term. We can’t wait to see you and enjoy lots of our favourite activities and some new ones too! We hope to have lots of fun filled days…hopefully with some more sunshine! Don’t forget to put you sun hat and sun cream (if you prefer to wear your own) in you school bag! 🌞 🧴 🧢

Please can you also ask mum, dad or nanny to send a spare set of shorts, a T-shirt and even a small towel that we can keep in school till the end of term for water play. If you could make sure the initials are on the labels for when we’re drying them, we will keep them in their lockers. Thank you! This will be a big help as water play always ends up as a very wet activity! 🩳 🚰 🪣 🚣‍♀️ 🐟

Before we broke up for half term we were really enjoying our story ‘The Train Ride’. We’re getting to know it really well and having lots of fun so we’re going to continue with this story and do some more activities linked to trains, travelling to all kinds of places and of course link this to our holidays topic. We enjoy sharing the story with the book but we have enjoyed a version where a man tells the story in a song so I will add the link to this version for you to share at home.

We have some lovely pictures to share as we set off on our train ride!

In the story, the train ride takes the little girl all the way to her grandma’s who lives by the seaside. We have had some sand play and will be doing lots more about the seaside when we get back but we did enjoy talking about our favourite seaside treats and in cooking we made some delicious strawberry ice cream 🍦🍓😋. We have some very good chefs as the ice cream was wonderful!

Another busy week in Squirrels Class!

We have lots of great photos to share this week. We’ll start with our music session with Bev on Tuesday. We enjoyed lots of fun musical games and we practiced our song for the summer music festival. We are singing Happiness by McFly. I’ll put in the link and signs so you can share it with your families and practice the chorus.

In our topic work, we have looked at the world map again and have started our round the world travels! Our first stop is China 🇨🇳

We have tasted some Chinese food, made some flags and looked at some photos of when Vicky went to China a few years ago.

The prawn crackers were the favourite 😋

The panda with it’s distinctive black and white coat, is adored by the world and is considered a national treasure in China. We are going to do some more activities on pandas and Vicky has a special surprise for you next week! 😉

We’re going to explore China a bit more next week and we’re heading to the Great Wall! 😁

The next thing we want to share is our new Satellite Superstar Assembly. Each week a member of the class will be chosen to be our sky rocketing superstar 🌟 We had a great time dancing with the other 3 satellite classes on Teams with Ruth and Kate.

Our first superstar is Adam!

I’ll finish with a collection of photos of Squirrels enjoying some general play and working very hard!

Bye bye squirrels 👋 🐿 Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you on Monday for more fun and adventures!
PS thank you for the pictures of your holidays so far! Please do send some if you haven’t done so yet as we will share them throughout the topic this term. Thank you 🙏

Happy Friday Squirrels!

Well I’m afraid Vicky is starting with an apology as she did a blog of our cooking last week and then forgot to press publish the second time to make it public. I’ve come to start this week’s and realised it’s sat in drafts 🙈 Sorry Squirrels… I’ll add it anyway as I know you will enjoy sharing the pictures with your families!

Well we have been very busy this week and we have so many photos that I hardly know where to start! 😆

I think it would be good to share our attendance celebrations first. 🥳 Our class had the best attendance last week so we looked after Attendance Ted this week! 🎉 🎊

Attendance Ted had lots of fuss and attention! Squirrels liked changing his outfits and putting his shoes on and off!

We have loved being back at the Forest too! 🌳 🪵🌲🌿🌳

Since we came back from Easter we have been working on our new topic, Let’s Go On Holiday. We have enjoyed looking at the world map to see where the UK is. Lots of us enjoy holidays in the UK so we have been looking at the flag and even made some yummy Union Jack desserts! Over the next few weeks we are going to ‘jet off’ around the world. Some of us have already been identifying other countries and remembering the names and pictures from the map in that country! Clever squirrels! 🐿🌍

Here are our flags…all creations inspired by the Union Jack 🇬🇧

We’ve been having a very creative few weeks as we’ve also worked hard on a some beautiful display work and musical activities but I shall show those off next week with the finished display!
I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend and we’ll see you on Tuesday. ☀️

😎🧳 🗺🚗🚌✈️ 🌊🦀 🐚🐟🌴🌺🕶🩴 🏕

PS. Please don’t forget the Holiday Photos mentioned in the Easter blog. The squirrel staff have been sending some holiday photos for our Holiday PowerPoint. We would love to add your pictures in too. Would you be able to send a few to the school postbox or you can email them to me directly? Please let us know where you are! We would love to cover different places in the UK and maybe some from different places around the world too! These can be recent or when you were much younger. It can be a favourite holiday, a wonderful day trip or travels to see family.

Thank you 😊

We All Go Travelling By

We have launched our holiday topic by looking at different transport we might use. We used the book and one of our favourite Barefoot book songs, ‘We All Go Travelling By’ to discuss our favourite way to travel.

We then painted a picture of our favourite mode of transport ready to label with symbols. We enjoyed lots of other activities but the tastiest was making our Wheel Cookies 😋 We hope you enjoy looking at the photos. You can also play the song version using the link below. Can you remember any of the Makaton signs we’ve been practicing?

Easter Holidays 🐣

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter and a lovely time with your families! I have eaten far too much chocolate and will need to do lots of extra work in PE, Jumpstart Jonny and chasing games in the playground to work it all off! 😋🍫 I’ve added some collages below of the activities we did in class before we broke up. I know we had some children who were poorly and some having to isolate in the last few weeks but hopefully I’ve got you all in!

I’m really looking forward to seeing you all back at school. Our new topic is all about Holidays. We would love to share some pictures of holidays and trips you have been on. If Mummy, Daddy or Grandparents could help you find some pictures to share we would be very grateful. These can be from a most memorable, recent or special holiday. It would be great if you could add in who went on the holiday, where and when it was. Please send them to vnoakes@oakwood.walsall.sch.uk 📷 Thank you so much 🙏 😊

Happy Mother’s Day!

Our blog is going to be in two parts this week. Our first is to wish all our Squirrel mums, nannies, aunties and friends a very Happy Mother’s Day! We started with our Mother’s Day Assembly with Bev which I have added below but you can find it in our Assemblies section on the Home Learning page. We enjoyed singing the song and talking about how we can help and honour our Mummies and special people. We then enjoyed a craft activity and made some special cards. We hope you love them!

We’ve been practicing our Makaton signing!

We hope you enjoy celebrating Mother’s Day and I will get some more pictures for part 2 to show you what else we have been doing in school this week. Bye for now 👋

World Book Week! 🌍 📚

In school we have been celebrating World Book Day with a full week of activities linked to the theme of Toy Story. We’ve had fun but there’s lots more we can do so we’re going to have a second week next week when we have lots of our missing squirrels back!
I’ll start with sharing some ideas for the children at home to see in case they would like to join in?
If you want to bring a favourite storybook to show and share next week that would be great too…just let us know you’ve sent one in the diary as the bags can be quite full and we might not spot it! Or if you would prefer, you can send a picture of you sharing your favourite book like William. He loves the Abney & Teal stories from the CBeebies show called The Adventures of Abney & Teal.

Here’s some pictures of what the children in school for respite have been up to. At the end I have put some videos for You’ve Got A Friend In Me (one with lyrics and the other with character clips) & When Somebody Loves You. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos!

“You’re my favourite deputy!”
Woody’s Roundup…Where’s Bullseye…our trusty steed? 🐎

It’s Parachute Time 🪂

At school we love large group activities with our parachute. We have recorded two of our favourite songs and thought you could join in at home if you want to. Has anybody at home got an old thin scarf or larger piece of material you could use as a mini parachute?

We hope you have fun 🤩 and don’t forget to send me some ‘happy pictures’ from the last blog if you can! 😄 I’ll put some more activities on soon from our new story!