Autumn Harvest

We have performed our Harvest song for you to watch. We are so proud of how well the children have coped with coming back to school and learning our song ready for our recording.

We have posted the video below, this is password protected and you will need the password in the slip that was sent home on Friday to be able to watch the video.

Hello Squirrels class!

It’s all been very strange for our class, staff and our friends in Hedgehogs 🦔, Caterpillars 🐛 and Rabbits 🐇 . I hope everyone is safe and well at home and I can’t wait for us to come back together on the 16th! I hope you are coping with the sudden changes and are not too upset that you can’t come to school this week. Most of you will probably have your home learning activity packs now. They’re being delivered yesterday, today and tomorrow so don’t worry if it hasn’t arrived yet as it will be with you tomorrow. I’m going to share some pictures of our last week for you to share with your families. I’ve added some activities that link to the home learning ideas if you want to try any. We could share some pictures of what we have been doing next week. We know you don’t always want to do school activities at home so don’t worry if you don’t want to do our suggestions…just send us a few pictures to say hello!
📷 send pictures to

Busy Autumn Squirrels 🐿

We have really settled well into our new classroom and have been having lots of fun! 😃 We are excited to have four new squirrel friends! Lewis, Leo and Hari have been with us since the first week back and now we have had Adam join us this week too! Welcome to you all!!
We have been creative and busy making our classroom delays look bright and colourful (we’ll blog some pictures soon) and we have been exploring the areas that we share with Rushall School! I think the Woodland Forest is one of our favourite parts of the week but as you can see in the collages below, we are enjoying lots of other activities too.

Our story has been ‘Monkey & Me’ by Emily Gravett which the children have really enjoyed! We have been waddling like penguins 🐧 , jumping like kangaroos 🦘 and stomping like elephants. We love it when they see the monkeys and would you believe our children have really worked on their monkey impressions!! 🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒 😆
At the end of the story they go home for tea! 🏠 Our first homework is to please send a picture of your home that we can share in class for our new topic, ‘Houses & Homes’. You can send it to my email below or send in a hard copy depending on what’s easiest for you. Thank you 😊 Enjoy the collages!