Hello Squirrels…we hope you’re all ok at home! 🐿

It’s very strange at the moment with a new lockdown and schools being closed. We all miss our class and routines. The children in school for respite have missed you squirrels at home so much!
Today we decided to record a story so that you could watch it at home and join in with us. We have been sharing ‘Kipper’s Toy Box’ but we thought you might enjoy one of our familiar stories so we’ve started with a class favourite, ‘Monkey and Me’ by Emily Gravett. The little girl in the story has a lovely toy monkey that she takes to the zoo so it fits in with our ‘Toys’ topic very well. Maybe you could let us know if you have a favourite cuddly toy? 🧸

I have some little helpers with me in the video. I bet you’ll recognise them. We’ll do another video soon and Vicky will add some activities for you to try at home so you have plenty of activities to do if you need them.