Snow Day! ❄️☃️

Hello Squirrels, I am sure you are all very excited at home to be able to have another day to explore and play in the snow.

This half term we have been exploring capacity in different ways using different sensory materials, you could have a go at home, using the snow outside or fun things you might have at home such as rice and pasta. Why not practice some of our key words such as ‘more’, ‘full’ and ‘empty’, repeating them as you tip, pour and fill different containers.

Below is an idea for a space themed sensory tray that you might want to create at home, which is part of our topic during the Autumn term.

And if you would like to share any photos my email is –

Here are some fun snow activity ideas, have a go and don’t forget to send in some wonderful pictures of your play and creations.

If you are a bit too chilly and you are happy to stay inside today, I have some really fun fine motor activities for you to try and in Squirrels we are becoming really good at using our fine motor skills to complete different tasks. Show off your skills at home and make sure you send in some pictures if you do.

Why not share a story at home and have a look at our lovely story this term ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear?’ If you listen to the story at home today, have a go at matching the animals to the different sounds they make using the pictures below.

Finally if you are feeling a bit hungry today after all the fun, you could try creating some of the different animals from our story in the kitchen, take a look below which animal will you make?

Have a lovely day Squirrels and don’t forget to share some pictures of your lovely day. Can’t wait to see all the fun!

L is for Lion 🦁

What a busy week we have had in Squirrels this week 🐿.

We have enjoyed lots of sensory fun this week , we got to explore many different textures with our feet on our barefoot walk 🦶.

We’ve also enjoyed exploring our fine motor skills box. We got to explore spaghetti and pasta with our fingers and tried to use our pincer grip with the tweezers to pick them up.

Our story is all about Polar bear, Polar bear what do you see ! which includes a variety of different animals and sounds. One of the animals in the book is a Lion 🦁. This week we have been focusing on L is for Lion, we’ve really enjoyed using a variety of different materials and resources to create some beautiful Lion work.

During cooking this week we created some tasty lions using pancakes, squirty cream, bananas , raisins and oranges. We had so much fun creating this and we loved eating them after we had finished. 🥞 🍌 🍊 🦁

To end our week we created Lion masks so we could turn ourselves into lions. We had so much fun doing these and we loved making a lions rawwww and showing all of our friends. 👫

Children in Need ⭐️

We have had lots and lots of fun this week in Squirrels class 🐿
We started the week with some fun using foam and wooden blocks to practice our fine motor skills, using knives to spread and build some creations.

We had a new road to explore on the track playground this week, we all practiced following the road round and round on the bikes. 🚦

In our cooking session this week we used our 5 senses to explores lots of different ingredients, we explored the different smells and tastes and used our independent skills to mix the ingredients.

Thursday we had another great swimming session and it is lovely to see everyone’s confidence in the water whilst having a wonderful time. Finally on Friday we have been raising money for Children in Need, everyone looked fantastic and we made some really yummy Pudsey cupcakes 🧁 and had some colourful fun creating our own Pudsey Bears and of course lots of sensory fun.

What a wonderful week ⭐️

Another lovely week in Squirrels class, we have had lots of fun and exciting things happening this week. We started the week looking at our termly focus which is Earth and Space. It’s week everyone created a wonderful foil moon each, take a look below at our creations.
This week we also had our first swimming session. Everyone did a great job getting on the bus and finding our way to the pool area. It was so much fun and although we had some nerves to begin with everyone got in the water and had such a great time, we can’t wait for next week!
Finally this week we created some beautiful poppies to commemorate Remembrance Day, we watched a lovely parade and our poppies look lovely on the display.
Have a look below at our week.

Diwali Fun and Bonfire Night ⭐️🎇🎆

What a busy week in Squirrels! We have enjoyed celebrating the festival of Diwali at the start of the week. We explored making our own versions of Rangoli patterns in shaving foam and colourful rice, it was lots of fun. Everyone then enjoyed our food tasting session, trying new foods, well done squirrels!

During the rest of the week we had lots of fun learning about Bonfire Night, we explored fireworks first and all the bright and beautiful colours that they have. Afterwards we created our very own firework displays in printed paint. Finally everyone made their very own edible sparklers using chocolate and sprinkles, they were really yummy.
Take a look below at our wonderful week.

One of key stories this half term will be Polar Bear, Polar Bear, what do you hear?
Have a listen at home.

Pumpkin Party Fun 🎃

Wow we have had a great week to finish off our first half term in Squirrels class! We began the week creating some wonderful spooky spider pizzas in our cooking session, using the dough to create the spiders legs, everyone did a great job. As well as creating some scary spiders using paper plates and paint.

It was our Pumpkin party on Wednesday and everyone looked party ready 🎉 We all played some party games including pass the parcel and bean bag toss, it was lots of fun. Our final activity on Wednesday was exploring and carving our very own pumpkin for the Oakwood Satellite Pumpkin Competition 🎃 Have a look below at some of this weeks fun.

It has been a very busy and exciting first half term in Squirrels and everyone has settled in so well, we hope you all have a wonderful half term break and can’t wait to see you on Tuesday 2nd November.

Where’s My Teddy 🐻

We are coming to the end of our first half term in Squirrels and it’s gone so quickly! This week has been full of autumn and harvest fun, we began the week having lots of fun at the car wash exploring the cars and making them all clean and shiny again. All of Squirrels have enjoyed exploring the magnetic building tiles and creating some wonderful models with them.

Our story this week has been ‘Where’s my Teddy?’, and the teddies in the story had hidden in the forest! We all had to help to find the missing teddy bears and return them so we could read our story, everyone did an amazing job.

Have a look below at our wonderful week.

Autumn Fun 🐿🍂🍁🍃

We started the week by doing some amazing work based on our book ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?’ Everyone displayed their amazing problem solving skills identifying and matching the colourful animals up. The teddy bears came to play on Monday afternoon and we all had great fun feeling the bears the oats in the sensory tray.

It was time for cooking on Tuesday and we created some brilliant Autumn acorn muffins, take a look below. Everyone showed their skills following instructions carefully, well done! We have also had another fun session at the forest exploring and finding all the colourful autumnal leaves. It was so windy at the forest that we took our bubbles along and had a great time on the field popping and chasing all of the giant bubbles.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? 🐻

This week in Squirrels we have been so busy! We started our week continuing to read our story ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?’ Everyone has enjoyed using our skills to create our own Brown bears using paper plates and brushes. We all had fun finding the different animals at the forest when they had all ran off! Everyone helped find all the animals and we had a lovely time.

In PE this week we all went outside to focus on our balance skills, using the lovely stepping stones and stepping across them and using the rockers to balance on whilst moving side to side. Well done Squirrels you did a fantastic job. In our topic lesson this week we continued creating some wonderful planets for our display and we investigated some very gloopy moon sand and used our skills to dig out the moon rocks hidden inside.

Squirrels are off to space 🚀

This week in Squirrels we have continued our learning around this terms topic of ‘Earth and Space’. We made some fabulous painted planets for our displays including the sun and the earth using cling film to explore the paint. We also made our very own astronaut suits to fly off to space, have a look below.

Our first story of the term is ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ we begun by listening to the story all together and seeing if we could recognise the different animals in the story and then we all created our own Brown bears. Everyone did some amazing phonics work around our letter ‘b’ using our skills to recognise and match the ‘b’ objects.

Have a look below at our fun week in Squirrels class and if you would like to listen to our story at home, take a look below.