Cooking Pancakes

Recently we have been using the book ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ as inspiration to make our own pancakes. He followed the order in the book and enjoyed finding out what we had to de to be able to make pancakes. We followed a recipe and the adults modelled how to follow each step. An important part was choosing our own pancake toppings! Yum yum! Everyone chose what they wanted to put on their pancake to make them as tasty as possible.

Community Visit – W.M.Wheats garden centre.

This week on our community visit we went to the garden centre. We had a look around and decided which plants we liked. At school we have planters that we are going to fill with bedding plants so we chose the ones that are going to look lovely at school.

After we had finished looking around we walked around the lake and through the fairy garden. It was really amazing to see what had been created. Along the way we found a stump that we could put our hands on. This was to take away any worries that we have!

We also had fun in the maze using our problem solving skills to reach the middle!

Music – Class composition

On Friday we were continuing with our work around Chinese New Year to compose a piece of music. Chinese music is based around the pentatonic scale (5 notes) so, as a class decided which note to start on. Also this session we looked at the singer and songwriter, Bob Marley, his life and music is featuring in a new biographical musical drama being released soon called ‘One Love’. Bob Marley is a Jamaican reggae singer, guitarist and songwriter. So we combined Chinese and reggae music and created a new musical style which Bev named ‘cheggae’!!! (Get it?!). It actually worked surprisingly well!

First, as a class, we had to decide which notes we were going to use from the pentatonic scale. We decided which notes we wanted to use and in which order. We listened to it back to check we liked it and made any changes. Once we were happy, we performed our composition to a reggae backing track. Listen to a short clip from the final piece.

Lunar New Year – Year of the Dragon 🐉🥢

Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year is celebrated at the start of the new lunar year based on when there is the first new moon. The two videos below outline how Chinese New year is celebrated and what preparations take place.

In school we celebrated by watching a dragon dance by some of the younger pupils at Rushall Primary School. Thank you for showing us your music and dancing. We also did some Chinese New Year crafts making a lantern collage and dragon picture.

We then tried some yummy Chinese food. We tasted rice and noodles and if they wanted some chow mien sauce and hoisin sauce. It was definitely popular and gobbled down quickly!

Food Technology- smoothies

Each week we get to enjoy learning in our kitchen. We learn about how to stay safe around different kitchen equipment and how to use appliances correctly. This week we made smoothies which were delicious!

Story Museum

We had visitors in school this week called Lucy and Kelly. The mission of Story Museum is to enrich people’s lives through stories and engaging in different ways. It was a really fun and practical lesson which we all really enjoyed. Thank you, Lucy and Kelly, for coming to visit our school (all the way from Oxford!)

Community Visit to Morrisons

Life skills are incredibly important to our pupils and it also prepares them for their future lives as an adult. This week we went to Morrisons to do the shopping. We had a shopping list so used our reading skills to read each item. We then decided which part of the shop this item will be, for example, fridges, freezers, bakery… Once we located the correct section we look at the aisle names and numbers to find the product. We then looked at how much it was and made sure that we chose the cheapest ones! Once the whole list was complete we went to the tills and had a go at scanning each item and paying for the products.

Topic – Tombs, Temples and Treasure

This term we have started our new topic. The focus this half term is on pirates and the pirate’s treasure. To introduce the topic we sang songs, danced and listened to stories. We then played with the pirate toys and played some board games and card games. We really liked dressing up as pirates for the morning!

Maths – working on subtraction

This week the focus has been on subtracting numbers by using a ten frame. We started off using cubes then taking them away before drawing our own on the ten frame. We drew the starting number then to take away another number we crossed out the counters we had drawn. We then counted how many we left to find the answer.

Merry Christmas to you all

We have all had a fun filled day with lots of food, fun and laughter. Look at some of the things we have been up to…

Have a very merry Christmas. Stay safe and have fun. Lots of love and Christmas wishes to all of the pupils and their families. We hope you have an amazing time together. Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Claire, Tammy, Taj and Ellie xxx