Trick or Treat Raffle

Thank you to Alfie’s Mommy for making and donating some lovely raffle prizes for a P.S.A. raffle.  We raised £138 in total so thank you everyone who purchased tickets.  We asked one of the children to draw the tickets.

Attendance Ted

Rhian’s Group have won attendance Ted for the first time this term.  They can’t wait to take him on lots of adventures!

Our attendance last week was 87.6% and is 91.9% for the year so far.

Attendance Ted

And the winner of the Attendance Competition this week is………….Ruth’s Group.  This is the second time this year that they have won.  You are attendance superstars!

Our attendance for last week was 91.2% and 92.6% for the year so far.

Attendance Ted

The winner of this week’s Attendance Ted is Lisa’s Group.  The children are so excited to be looking after him.  Well done, keep up the good work!

Our attendance for last week was 90.4% and is 92.9% for the year to date.

Thomas Walkathon

What amazing parents we have at Oakwood. You wonderful people have raised a record breaking £1,854.70!!! Thank you all so much for your hard work.  The money will be well spent on your children.

Attendance Ted

Attendance Ted has found his way back to Sarah’s class this week. He must have had so much fun last time! Well done to them for being the class with the highest percentage of children with 100% attendance for last week.  

Our overall attendance last week was 92.8%.  Our attendance so far this year is 93.5%.