Launching Our Treat Trolley🍫🍭✏️🪀🧸

This week we are please to announce the launch our one of our ‘Treat Trolley’s’ in our secondary department at our Pelsall Lane Campus. Over the last few weeks we have worked as a team to plan and design what we would like our trolley to look like and also the items we would like to sell and buy. The aim of our ‘Treat Trolley’ is for pupils to experience exchanging money for a chosen item including pencils, colouring books, sweets, play dough, bubbles and much more. We will also play an important role in restocking the trolley, as well as greeting and serving other visitors. Throughout the term we will also have some special themed events planned involving our ‘Treat Trolley’, so keep visiting our weekly blogs to see.

We are also excited to announce we are currently working hard on designing and bringing to life our next ‘Treat Trolley’ at our Walsall Wood Campus which will be opening very soon.

Attendance Award🎉🏆🥳

We have all had a super week at school and had endless fun in experiencing and learning new skills. We are very proud of our ‘Highest Attendance Winners’ this week who are:

Our whole school attendance this week is 88% and attendance for the year so far is 89.5%. Keep up the hard work everyone and we look forward to another exciting week at school next week. Please take a look at our individual class blogs for more about our exciting adventures at school.

Attendance Winners of the Week!🌟🏆

It’s time to celebrate our attendance winners and this week we are congratulating our friends in Deers, Robins and Butterflies class as they are our attendance superstars with the highest 89% attendance.
Also our attendance year to date is 89.6%, this is super, well done everyone!