🏆🏅🎉Attendance Award Winners🏆🏅🎉

We have reached that time of the week where we celebrate our ‘Attendance Winners’ and this week we are proud to announce our winners across both our Walsall Wood and Pelsalll Lane site are:

Robins, Butterflies and Deers 🐦🦋🦌

Well done to our classes you have won the highest attendance of the week!!

Please take a look at individual class blogs to explore the adventures of ‘Attendance Ted’ in primary and also see our special ‘Attendance Award’ lanyards that our secondary pupils wear during the week.

🍿🎬Secondary Movie Night 🎬🍿

As part of our secondary enrichment sessions some of our pupils at our Pelsall Lane site took part in a ‘Movie Night’ after school on Thursday. In preparation, our pupils helped plan andselect the movie that they would like to watch using our voting sheets to help. We then came together with our Year 7 and 8 friends and enjoyed our chosen movie ‘Elemental’ whilst we relaxed on our beanbags and we even had chance to enjoy some chosen special treats such as pop corn. We especially enjoyed using our movie glasses to help the film come alive. We finally ended our evening with helped tidy away whilst sharing ideas for our next after school enrichment session in the Spring term.

Attendance Award🏅🌟🎉🏆

This year we have a few updates to our ‘Attendance Awards’ at Oakwood, our Primary will continue to celebrate with Attendance Ted as he will spend the week with the winning classes and Secondary will celebrate with wearing our ‘Attendance Star’ land yard awards.

We are particularly proud of all our pupils and how well they have done settling back into school and adapting to their new routines. We are extremely pleased to announce our ‘attendance award winners’ this week with the highest attendance are:

Otters (Walsall Wood), Birch (Secondary Pelsall Lane) and Squirrels (Primary Pelsall Lane)

A huge well done to all our winners, please head over to individual class pages to follow their adventures over the week.