🦽🚲🛴Wheelie Awesome Wheel-a-Thon!

This week in school our classes across both Walsall Wood Campus and Pelsall Lane Campus have taken part in our sponsored ‘Wheelie Awesome Wheel-a-Thon’. Our pupils had so much fun completing a selected amount of laps of the playground using different forms of wheeled transport / equipment such as wheelchair, bike, scooter, pushing a pram etc. 
We would really like to thank all our parents for the very kind donations that have already come into school to help with raising money for our new school minibus. If you have not yet sent any sponsors into school please aim to do this prior to the Easter holidays.
Here are a few of our wonderful photographs of our classes taking part in their individual class ‘Wheel-a-Thon’, please also check individual class blogs for more fun.
Please also keep checking back to this page for our grand announcement of how much we have raised!

🧸🏅Weekly Attendance Award🧸🎉

This week we are proud to announce our whole school attendance to date is 90% and our attendance throughout last week was 93%. This is amazing news! Our highest attendance classes in school this week across Primary and Secondary are Beavers, Badgers and Chestnuts. Congratulations! We are really looking forward celebrating each classes achievements and also hearing about their adventures with Attendance Ted in Primary and witnessing our Secondary wearing their ‘Attendance Superstar Award Lanyards’. Have a super week everyone 🎉🎉🎉🎉🌟🌟🌟🌟

🌟🌟🌟Attendance Superstars 🌟🌟🌟

We have had such a busy week at school with non stop learning and fun! At the end of the week we are proud to announce that the ‘Attendance Superstars’ this week are:

WELL DONE to our winners! We are extremely proud of you 👏. Our attendance this week is 90% and our overall attendance this year is 89%.

Spring Disco – Secondary Enrichment Evening 🥳🥳🎵🎤

As part of our secondary enrichment some of our pupils at our Pelsall Lane site took part in our ‘Spring Disco’ after school on Thursday. In preparation, our pupils helped plan and select the music that they would like to dance too. We then came together with our Year 7 and 8 friends and decorated the hall, put our party clothes on and danced the afternoon away to our favourite songs. We even had chance to enjoy some chosen special treats such as crisps, cookies and cupcakes etc. We especially enjoyed using our inflatable microphones, guitars and keyboards, as well as our light up sticks to help bring the disco to life. We finally ended our evening with helped tidy away whilst sharing ideas for our next after school enrichment session in the Summer term.

🎉🎉Attendance Celebrations🎉🎉

We have reached the time of the week where we celebrate our class attendance winners across both Walsall Wood and Pelsall Lane Campus. The classes with the highest attendance this week are:

Our attendance this year to date is:89% and this week: 89%. We are looking forward to seeing our Upper Primary wearing their attendance award lanyards and also hearing about the adventures of ‘Attendance Ted’ in Lower Primary.

Attendance Superstars🌟🏅🏆

We have reached our half term holidays, but before we break up for lots of fun at home we are pleased to announce our winners for ‘Attendance Ted’ and ‘Attendance Award’ are:

We are really proud our winners this week. We are also pleased to share our attendance for this week and the year to date is 90%.
We would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful and safe half term with your families and friends.

The Attendance Award 🥇

Another fun and exciting week at school and this week we proud to announce our highest attendance winners in Primary and Secondary are:

Squirrels, Deers and Otters🐿🦌🦦

Well Done to these classes, we had a great time celebrating our achievements during our weekly ‘Superstars’ and ‘Champions”.🏆🌟

🎉🎉Celebration Time🎉🎉

We have reached that time of the week where we celebrate our ‘Attendance Winners’ and this week we are proud to announce our winners across both our Walsall Wood and Pelsalll Lane campus are:

Badgers, Otters and Deers

Well done to our classes you have won the highest attendance of the week!!

Please take a look at individual class blogs to explore the adventures of ‘Attendance Ted’ in primary and also see our special ‘Attendance Award’ lanyards that our secondary pupils wear during the week.

🎉🏆Oakwood’s Attendance Winners!🎉🏆

This week we our proud to announce our attendance winners across both our Walsall Wood and Pelsall Lane sites in Primary and Secondary are : 

🏅🏅🏅Beavers Class, Deers Class and Badgers Class 🏅🏅🏅

Our overall attendance is 89% this week and 90% this year to date, this is absolutely amazing! Well Done Everyone!!!! 

Attendance Winners of the Week🧸🏅

We are excited to announce our attendance winners of the week are:

Otters, Birches and Foxes Class!

A super well done to our winners this week, who will celebrate by spending the week with Attendance Ted as he will be joining classes on Monday for lots of fun! We are especially proud of our Birch class for winning the award three weeks in a row – AMAZING!